Pet-friendly accommodation

Big dogs, small dogs, big cats, small cats, budgies, goldfish - we're very pet-friendly at Blommekloof

We welcome all well-behaved furry guests at Blommekloof Pet-friendly Self-catering Cottages - because we love our pets, we love that you love yours, and we know that a holiday’s not a holiday without our furry families. 


  • We love big dogs
  • We love small dogs
  • We love pitbulls
  • We love shepherds
  • We love Yorkies
  • We love corgis
  • We love old dogs
  • We love puppies

… In fact, we’re just dog crazy (but please see 'Appawpriate behaviour' below).


  • We love ALL cats (we know what’s good for us).


  • We love parrots
  • We love budgies
  • We love goldfish….

Appawpriate behavior

  • We’ll host any pet that knows how to behave appawpriately - especially since we have our own animals on the farm, and we don’t like fighting. 
  • Our self-catering cottages are individually fenced - so your pets are welcome as long they won’t jump over them (our fences are 1.2 metres high).
  • Your pets must remain on their leashes whenever you go for walks beyond your cottage gate. (‘Pets’ includes dogs, cats, and goldfish. Please note that you do need to keep your goldfish under control when you take them out. We don’t want another incident. Last time the bass in our dam had to spend a week recovering at the hydro...)

Dog beds

  • Please ask your pets to bring their own beds. It’s the pawlite thing to do. 

Contact us 

  • Please contact us to discuss your pet's holiday with you at Blommekloof!

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